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The future of medicine is here!

Are you in need of physical therapy but your doctor or politician mandated that you stay home for your own health and safety?
Do you struggle with time constraints due to a busy life?
Do you have difficulties leaving your home?
Do you live in a rural setting?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then telehealth E-Visits are perfect for you.

What is telehealth/telerehabilitation E-visits?

This is a service for people in the community who are unable or unwilling to physically attend physical therapy visits, wellness visits, or medical consultations outside of their home or work.

All you need is a smart device with a camera (laptop, tablet, phone) and an internet connection.

The physical therapists at Bounce Back Physical Therapy will be able to talk to you about your concerns, watch your movement, and give you suggestions to help reduce pain and improve your overall health.

FAQ for Physical Therapy Telehealth E-visits

Do I need to make an appointment for E-visits?

Yes! With all of the information and concerns being released regarding Covid-19, our appointments are filling up fast.

Do I need to be a current client/patient of Bounce Back to take advantage of your E-Visits?

No! We understand that things come up and we want to be with you in the comfort of your home if you are unable to come to our practice?

Do I need to be prepared for anything for our first visit?

Yes! Once you call to schedule your appointment, you will be sent instructions on filling out paperwork, consent to treat, and "Getting ready for your telehealth session". Upon scheduling your appointment, You will also have the option to select the type of appointment and payment information to pay for your session/s upon scheduling.

Are E-Visits covered by my insurance?

Maybe. Please contact your insurance carrier to confirm it is covered under your plan.

Can I just pay for the Physical Therapy E-Visits on my own?

Yes! We have adopted a reasonable cost for this special service so that we can help as many people that request this service.

A 15 minute session is $35.
A 30 minute session is $65.

You can purchase a 5 session package at a discount of 5% off of each package.

Take advantage now for a complimentary discovery phone call to see if E-Visits are the right fit for your needs.

Call us today at (610) 964-0169 and let us know how we can help.