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As physical therapists, our job is to get you moving. Whether you can’t bend because your back hurts, can’t run because your hip hurts, can’t jump because your knee hurts, or can’t throw because your shoulder hurts, the common theme is that something is going on when you move that is causing you pain.

What is the SFMA and FMA?

SFMA stands for Selective Functional Movement Assessment and FMA stands for Functional Movement Assessment. Both are used to identify specific movement limitations that cause you pain. It can also determine if these movements are due to tightness or weakness. To accomplish this, we look at movement patterns that broadly assesses how you move.

Who are the SFMA and FMA good for?

The SFMA and FMA are good for anyone who is having pain during movement, as they can assess which movements are functional, dysfunctional, painful, or non-painful, and then we can narrow down problematic regions of the body.

Movement is necessary to accomplish tasks. Sometimes these movements aren’t so obvious. The SFMA is one way we observe this movement to find the source of your pain. For more information, Contact us at our Wayne, PA center.