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Youth/Adult Athletic Injuries

Youth/Adult Athletic Injuries: C4

Most people do not realize the road to recovery is not over once physical therapy is completed. Yes, you are cleared to leave physical therapy, but you have miles to go before you are ready to perform and be your best again. C4’s Back to Field/Sport coaches will be by your side as you bridge this gap.

So many athletes are injured for a second or third time because they enter the game before they are ready. This can happen because a doctor, a physical therapist or worse, a parent, cleared them when they weren’t ready.

The Back to Field program will help transition athletes from post-physical therapy to their return to the field. Many athletes urgently want to return quickly but must put the work in first.

The C4 Team

The C4 Team is here to help you get back on the field and stay on the field.

At C4, we see student athletes that have either recovered from an injury or are actively recovering from an injury.

Consequently, Back to Field Program is perfect for the continued recovery of each student once physical therapy is complete.

Our EXPERT physical therapist assesses each student entering the Back to Field Program for imbalances and then works closely with each of the coaches to develop the proper work out.

As a service to ALL of our students entering into the C4 Program, each student has access to an expert team of physical therapists located inside of our facility, Bounce Back Physical Therapy.

The EXPERT Physical Therapists at Bounce Back have over 25 years of experience rehabilitating children, adolescents, young athletes and adult athletes.

Not sure if you are ready for practice tonight or play in the game tomorrow? Stop in for a complimentary 15 minute assessment with the experts at Bounce Back Physical Therapy. They can get you BACK on the field. For more information, Contact us at Wayne & Ardmore, PA centers.