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Fit Factor

When was the last time you got a check on your musculoskeletal health?

Bounce Back is proud to participate with the American Physical Therapy Association to help patients live a healthy and pain-free life in a program called The Fit Factor. The Fit Factor is designed to gauge your overall physical health. Similar to an annual physical checkup or biannual dental checkup, the Fit Factor helps you keep your musculoskeletal body healthy and address any issues or pain you may be experiencing (even when you think the pain is part of the "normal" process of aging).

By clicking the link below, you will have an opportunity to take the survey designed to assess your musculoskeletal health. The online survey consists of:

  • Questions to assess your exercise habits, ability to participate in everyday leisure and sports activities, balance, strength, and flexibility
  • Educational videos with information and tips including injury prevention, exercise, posture, development of strength, flexibility, and balance

We encourage you to take the survey but also to call us at 610-964-0169 and schedule a FREE 15-minute assessment for a Body Wellness Check and to discuss the findings of the Fit Factor survey. A trained PT can help you determine what needs to be done to improve your physical health, address any issues or pain you may be experiencing, and get you back on track to accomplishing your physical goals.

Go ahead and get a check on your musculoskeletal health! Click the link below to get started.